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Designing boundary-pushing facilities for the world’s biggest video hosting platform for ten years and counting.

Modern office space featuring angular meeting pods with wooden slats and teal accents. Sleek, exposed ceiling fixtures add an industrial touch above the dynamic workspace layout.

HLW’s work for YouTube straddles the East and West Coasts of the United States. We design facilities, studios, and workspaces that enable employees and content creators to reach new heights of creativity.

In Playa Vista, California, HLW transformed a Vietnam War–era aircraft hangar into one of Southern California’s largest state-of-the-art digital production facilities devoted online content. The 41,000-square-foot studio houses professional cinema stages and equipment, green screen stages, and a motion capture room.

In New York City, HLW designed professional production and support spaces/equipment for emerging and established content creators. With access to sound and green screen stages, recording and post-production audio/visual edit capabilities, and areas for wardrobe, makeup, and equipment distribution, creative individuals have the human and technological resources to be ambitious in developing and realizing their ideas.

Bi-coastal projects in two of the country’s largest hubs for media and content creation.

Specialized spaces design for makeup and wardrobe, recording, and post-production.

A spacious broadcast studio with high ceilings, equipped with professional lighting rigs and a variety of set pieces including walls, furniture, and props for versatile scene setups.
A vibrant modern office space with dynamic geometric forms, featuring a bold yellow triangular entrance that frames the view into a collaborative workspace with wooden elements and informal seating arrangements. The flooring transitions from patterned carpet to sleek wooden finish, enhancing depth and texture.
YouTube New York
Contemporary office lounge with tiered seating, incorporating a mix of wood floors, exposed brick, industrial ceiling fixtures, and modern furniture, focused around a large video display wall.
YouTube New York
Sleek, modern office hallway featuring geometric patterned carpet, vibrant orange bench with a textured design, contrasting against dark walls and exposed ceiling with angular lighting fixtures.
YouTube New York
Exposed structural and mechanical elements grace the high ceiling of this vibrant, modern lobby, contributing to its industrial-chic aesthetic. A mix of natural textures and colorful furniture, including wooden tables and eclectic seating options, creates a dynamic, inviting atmosphere. A large digital wall displaying a forest scene adds depth and brings an element of nature indoors, enhancing the biophilic design. Large windows allow for ample natural light
YouTube Playa Vista
Exposed ceilings and industrial lighting fixtures give this modern lounge area a spacious yet inviting ambiance. Wooden accents, including reclaimed wood wall cladding and ceiling beams, harmonize with the metalwork. Geometric furniture pieces, in a mix of vibrant and muted tones, provide functional seating while contributing to the dynamic aesthetic. An expansive chalk mural acts as a focal point, softening the industrial elements with organic lines.
YouTube Playa Vista
YouTube Playa Vista

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