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We design financial sector workspaces with agility and security in mind to help our clients attract talent and boost productivity.

Our financial workspaces are crafted for modern efficiency, featuring adaptable trading floors and layouts that enhance productivity and collaboration.

We include tech-enhanced training areas and versatile conference suites to accommodate various meeting styles. Casual spaces like lounges and cafés promote spontaneous teamwork, while our design emphasizes amenities aligned with your firm’s values, transforming dining areas into lively centers for work and socializing. Our aim is to build dynamic, future-ready workplaces that evolve with trends and client needs.

“In designing financial workplaces, the key is to balance flexibility with privacy, creating adaptable yet discreet environments that can accommodate a variety of working styles. Our innovative approach ensures our clients’ spaces are future-ready and foster collaboration.”
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Finance Sector Highlights

138 square feet

The average individual office has shrunk in size within the last three years.

3.5 days per week

The average finance employee works two days at home, three days in office.

72% of employees

Say that the ability to quietly focus is what brings them into the office.

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