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Master Planning

HLW designs with foresight, integrating nature, technology, and community to produce culturally rich and resilient environments.
Pedestrians walking along a pathway flanked by modern buildings and green landscaping on a sunny day.

Future-Focused Planning

HLW’s planners are adept at recognizing the complex interplay between individual projects and the broader community, ensuring that each building is thoughtfully integrated into its site context. We facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders, aligning diverse interests to harness the full potential of each project. This comprehensive approach is evident in our corporate and higher education campuses, residential and mixed-use plazas, and adaptive reuse projects that effectively meet the economic, social, environmental, and connectivity needs of the surrounding communities.

New Jersey skyline with central focus on Urby building
A modern rooftop garden nestled amidst towering urban buildings. The harmonious blend of architecture and green spaces creates an innovative and sustainable oasis.
“With every planning project, we make sure our designs respect and enhance the environmental, social, and economic fabric of the areas we serve.”
Profile photo of Ed Stand

Ed Stand, AIA

Principal, Director of Quality Management

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