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Media & Entertainment

With decades of industry experience to guide us, we excel at designing advanced media and entertainment facilities and workplaces.

Our designs are not just visually striking; they enhance production team workflows with creative spatial solutions, enrich end-user experiences, and incorporate the latest technologies seamlessly.

With a history of serving leaders in communications, technology, and entertainment, we’ve honed a sharp understanding of the unique demands at the crossroads of content creation and technological integration. 

“Many of HLW’s defining projects have been in the media and entertainment sector, highlighting our ability to adapt architecture to the evolving ways content is created and consumed.”
Profile photo of Jeremiah Hancock

Jeremiah Hancock, AIA

Associate Principal, Studio Director CT

Charter Communications, Stamford, CT

Media & Entertainment Sector Highlights


like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and real-time rendering are changing the way media is made.

Remote work

Cloud-based workflows and virtual studios are expanding the definition of a media workplace.


Media facilities, which require large and constant amounts of electricity, can minimize environmental impact by pursuing sustainable certifications.

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