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Lighting Design

Spark Studio Lighting, HLW's architectural lighting team, designs innovative and functional solutions that enhance both the aesthetic and practical aspects of interior and exterior environments.
A modern office lounge area illuminated with neon blue lights featuring sleek furniture and abstract art installations.

What We Do

Spark Studio Lighting delivers a full spectrum of lighting design services, energizing spaces with creative, state-of-the-art solutions. We design lighting for both interior and exterior environments, specializing in a variety of projects including hospitality, residential, corporate, and institutional, as well as distinctive exterior applications like site lighting master plans and high-rise feature lighting. Our designs are more than functional; they enhance architecture, promote well-being, and transform spaces into vibrant, productive environments.

How We Do It

Our process begins with listening and learning. We are deeply inspired by technology, nature, pop culture, and art, ensuring our solutions are not only current but also uniquely effective. Our collaboration extends across teams to ensure the best outcomes, utilizing the latest tools and technologies to guide each project. From on-site evaluations and detailed design development through to the final stages of construction administration, our approach encompasses sustainability and compliance, leveraging certifications like LEED and WELL to create sustainable, healthy, and productive environments.

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Custom interior and exterior building lighting design

Lighting studies for energy efficiency, visual comfort, and building performance

Custom fixture design

Theatrical lighting installations

The Georgian hotel illuminated at night with a glowing red neon sign, featuring classic architectural details and an American flag waving atop the building.
A sleek and modern corporate lobby featuring a reception desk, stylish hanging lights, and multi-level walkways with glass balustrades, with people entering and moving about the space.
A modern, well-lit interior space featuring an illuminated staircase with a person ascending and another person seated at the bottom, with a large video screen displaying an image of a man in the background.
“Lighting is a critical tool in architecture; it not only highlights the structure and design of a space but also influences how it’s perceived and experienced. At Spark Studio, we leverage lighting to maximize both the aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency of each project, ensuring that every environment we illuminate fully aligns with our clients’ visions and enhances the overall user experience.”
Portrait of Scott Herrick

Scott Herrick, AIA

Partner, Managing Director Spark

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Genesis House New York

New York, NY

Twilight bathes the façade of the Georgian Hotel, a symmetrical three-story building with a flat roof and a teal stucco exterior. It features contrasting white stone trim, decorative ironwork, and neon signage. The entrance is marked by a black and white striped awning, matching balcony canopies, and flanked by lush greenery.

The Georgian

Santa Monica, CA

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