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Life Sciences

By leveraging flexibility, our life science spaces are primed for multidisciplinary teamwork and advanced, lab-based research.

Our lab spaces are designed to spark scientific breakthroughs within a collaborative setting.

Emphasizing modern design, we ensure flexibility and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of different scientific fields. Our goal is to create inviting environments where science can thrive in both structured and casual contexts, catering to personal needs beyond the lab bench.

“High-performance life sciences buildings are complex places where typical office work and hard science must safely, sustainably, and effectively co-mingle.”
Profile photo of Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Principal, Director of Life Sciences

Modern educational building featuring clean lines, expansive glass facade for natural lighting, and aluminum composite panels. Landscaped with young trees and pedestrian pathways, the design encourages student engagement and environmental harmony.
Hofstra Science & Innovation Center, New York, NY



design can make labs more adaptable, accommodating, and efficient.


and automation are the next frontier in life sciences lab design.


like cafes, huddle rooms, and interstitial spaces boost collaboration in life science spaces.

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