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HLW's landscape architects design outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but also socially responsible and sustainable.
An aerial view of a modern rooftop garden incorporating sleek wooden decking, elegant landscaping, and stylish outdoor seating areas, creating an inviting urban oasis amidst the geometric architecture.

Bringing Nature and People Together

By adhering to the highest standards of sustainability and wellness, our landscape architecture team designs outdoor spaces that are not only environmentally conscious but also culturally expressive. This approach allows us to extend a client’s aesthetic and cultural values beyond the walls of their buildings, creating cohesive environments that enhance both the community and the natural ecosystem.

A modern terrace furnished with comfortable seating amidst lush potted plants and cacti, under the shade of elegant pergolas with a backdrop of urban high-rise buildings.
Modern educational building with a sleek design featuring expansive windows and a landscaped approach, with students and visitors making their way along the accessible pathways on a sunny day.
Hofstra University Science and Innovation Center
Employees enjoying a sunny break in a modern office courtyard with comfortable seating and lush greenery.
“Our landscape architects merge creative design with natural ecosystems, crafting harmonious spaces that reflect client visions and enhance sustainability.”
Portrait of Michael Tegnell

Michael Tegnell

Senior Associate, Director of Planning & Urban Design

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