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Brand Experience

HLW’s brandx team specializes in creating elevated, code-compliant wayfinding strategies, signage systems, and brand experiences.
Close up of Interior office space, bold signage and wall graphics

What you say with signage matters.

What We Do

We believe the best wayfinding and signage systems are intuitive, inclusive, flexible, long-lasting, and distinct to their location. We approach every client’s project with a few objectives in mind: clearly communicating practical information about a place and how to move around within it; translating a client’s brand guidelines into three-dimensional space through logos, graphics, colors, and typography; and navigating cultural conversations around identity and ability with respect.

How We Do It

The brandx team brings professionalism and creativity in equal measure to every project. Our process begins with a detailed inventory of a client’s logistical and cultural needs for their space. By asking the right questions from the get-go, we’re better enabled to take over the management of the entire process, from visioning and design to the coordination of fabrication and installation.

We anticipate the long-term impact of signage and how it makes space more accessible. All these considerations are very involved, and we take pride in making sure these tasks are thought out so that our clients can focus in on the creative and cultural development of their brand experience. Whether a project has a three-month or three-year schedule, we’re there with you all the way.

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A man works at a computer in a modern office beside a directional sign listing various department names and room numbers.
A modern office environment featuring a sleek workspace with an individual working at a long table, pendant lights above, and a vibrant green living wall with the label "the nucleus" illuminated, delineating a space for focused work or collaboration.
Vibrant blue wall tracing an ascending staircase with branded graphics of a history timeline
“brandx aims to push the boundaries of signage, bringing a universal, approachable, and functionally driven method to the way we move within and interact with space.”
Portrait of Chanel Dehond

Chanel Dehond, SEGD

Senior Associate, Global Director of brandx

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