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Open-plan office space blending modern and industrial elements, featuring exposed brick and wooden beams, vibrant teal office pods with frosted glass, hardwood floors, and a mix of seated and standing workspace options. Employees actively engage in collaborative and individual tasks.

YouTube Chelsea Market 5th Floor

YouTube’s Creator Space gives content creators the tools and space they need to shine online.

Size 86,000 sf

Location New York, NY

Services Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting, Strategy, Sustainability

Sectors Media & Entertainment, Technology, Workplace

Collection Google, YouTube

Modern office space with exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and industrial features accentuated by plants integrated into desk partitions. The open-concept floor plan is complemented by the contrast of contemporary furnishings and historical architectural details.

With an expansive production facility in New York City, Youtube is giving emerging and established digital content creators even more power to make informative, entertaining, and inspiring videos. This facility is equipped with professional-grade production and support spaces, including sound and green-screen stages, state-of-the-art recording studios, and post-production video/audio editing capabilities. Additional resources such as wardrobe, makeup, and equipment distribution areas enable creators to ambitiously develop and realize their projects.

Unique to this facility is its design philosophy. Instead of traditionally zoned off studios, the barriers between production and non-production zones are intentionally porous, allowing for filming throughout the facility. This design not only extends the production space but also fosters a fluid, collaborative environment where production and brand-building activities converge.

Sound stages, green-screens, and post-production suites support high-quality content creation.

Resources like wardrobe, makeup, and equipment spaces elevate content.

A fluid design concept breaks down traditional studio barriers.

A vibrant modern office space with dynamic geometric forms, featuring a bold yellow triangular entrance that frames the view into a collaborative workspace with wooden elements and informal seating arrangements. The flooring transitions from patterned carpet to sleek wooden finish, enhancing depth and texture.
YouTube New York
Contemporary office lounge with tiered seating, incorporating a mix of wood floors, exposed brick, industrial ceiling fixtures, and modern furniture, focused around a large video display wall.
YouTube New York
Sleek, modern office hallway featuring geometric patterned carpet, vibrant orange bench with a textured design, contrasting against dark walls and exposed ceiling with angular lighting fixtures.
YouTube New York

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Exposed ceilings and industrial lighting fixtures give this modern lounge area a spacious yet inviting ambiance. Wooden accents, including reclaimed wood wall cladding and ceiling beams, harmonize with the metalwork. Geometric furniture pieces, in a mix of vibrant and muted tones, provide functional seating while contributing to the dynamic aesthetic. An expansive chalk mural acts as a focal point, softening the industrial elements with organic lines.

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Spacious industrial-style office interior featuring exposed wooden beams, HVAC ductwork, and pendant lighting. The open-plan layout includes a mezzanine level, modern furnishings, and a muted color palette that accentuates the natural wood and metalwork. The Steelhead branded reception area anchors the design.

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