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Chanel Dehond


Job Title: Global Director of brandx

Expertise: brandx


With over 15 years in the industry, Chanel Dehond, SEGD works with clients to translate their identity into three-dimensional environments that are intuitive, inclusive, flexible, and long lasting. Chanel specializes in creating elevated, compliant wayfinding strategies, signage systems, and brand experiences.


All Work

Subway Shelton

Shelton, CT

Spacious, modern interior features tiered wooden seating with people casually scattered, engaging in discussions and work. Above, a white industrial ceiling with exposed ductwork contrasts starkly with the warm-toned flooring and matte black partitions, highlighting a contemporary, collaborative workspace design.

Kering Americas

Wayne, NJ

Modern kitchen area in a commercial space featuring sleek, dark wood cabinetry and LED circular lighting fixtures overhead. Patterned gray and white flooring harmonizes with the cool blue accents, while stainless steel appliances offer a contemporary touch. The open design invites interaction in an adjacent communal area.

Schrödinger New York

New York, NY

Modern office lobby with a minimalist reception desk, flanked by two white chairs. Vibrant magenta glass panels create a dynamic backdrop, while sleek, geometric light fixtures add a contemporary touch overhead. The design fosters an airy and welcoming atmosphere.


Santa Monica, CA

Modern office break room with natural wood tables, light gray flooring, and suspended linear LED lighting. A kitchenette with mosaic backsplash and high stools overlooks a cityscape through large windows. Employees casually engage, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

Aspen Insurance

Jersey City, NJ

Modern office lobby featuring a sleek reception desk with a lit company sign, vibrant orange chairs adding a pop of color, and pendant lighting illuminating the open, airy space.

Kyowa Kirin Princeton

Princeton, NJ