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Touchpoints from Home to Office

Author Chanel Dehond

Tags Insight

HLW developed this infographic as a public message to educate people about the various touchpoints they will encounter in public life and in the built environment on their journey between home and the office. As organizations are slowly beginning to evaluate the potential for returning to the office, we wanted to raise public awareness of the risks associated with the journey to the office in order to protect themselves and those around them. People in lockdown are struggling to cope with isolation. The desire to re-enter public/social life is an innate human desire.  However we know that people don’t always make the best decisions under stress, and the desire to get out into the world could supersede their evaluation of credible information.

We have reviewed existing guidelines issued by public agencies in the United States and the State of New York and have translated those technical standards into a more comprehensible and light-hearted visual public health message. This graphic was based on the journey people would experience in New York City, but these principles can be applied for any public outing.