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The image portrays a person with their face obscured, standing in a well-lit indoor setting.

Bronte Turner

Job Title: Principal, Managing Director of London


Bronte Turner is a Principal and the Managing Director of HLW’s London office, where she oversees a diverse portfolio that includes commercial, residential, and retail projects. With notable clients such as Google, Amazon, and Wix under her belt, Bronte is renowned for her passion, design expertise, and business insight. She creates a vibrant work culture, leading a team dedicated to achieving excellence. Bronte’s leadership has been instrumental in HLW’s growth across the EMEA region, with significant projects in cities like Paris, London, and Berlin. Additionally, she manages HLW’s Specialty Studios: Ark, BEYOND, brandx, and Spark, further showcasing her versatile leadership skills.


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Tel Aviv, Israel

Contemporary office lounge with wooden slatted ceiling curving downward, incorporating ambient lighting. Dark marble floor hosts a cluster of elegant rattan chairs on a circular navy rug. A living green wall and illuminated brand motto enhance communal aesthetic. People converse and work on laptops, suggesting dynamic use.

Pernod Ricard

London, UK

Modern office cafeteria with exposed ceiling, featuring sleek white furniture and vibrant purple accent walls. The space is well-lit, promoting a clean and energizing atmosphere for break-time refreshment.

Roku Cambridge

Cambridge, UK

Roku Manchester

Manchester, UK

Modern office break room featuring a dynamic balance of soft seating and high-top bar stools, with contrasting textures including a sleek wood finish kitchenette, blue patterned accent wall, and exposed linear ceiling elements, all illuminated by natural light from expansive windows.


Windsor, UK

Modern office space with deep blue privacy curtains dividing workstations, featuring individuals focused on portable devices. The design balances open layouts with seclusion, coupled with minimalist high stools and task lighting to create an airy yet functional workspace.

Royal Mail Group

London, UK

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