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Roku Manchester

Roku’s first UK office earns its place in Manchester’s innovation district home with cutting-edge tech.

Size 69,000 sf

Location Manchester, UK

Services Interior Design

Sectors Technology, Workplace

Modern office break room featuring an elongated communal table, sleek blue cabinetry with built-in sinks, concrete flooring, and exposed ductwork ceiling, complemented by ample natural light and cityscape views.

Roku’s Manchester location marks a pivotal expansion in the UK, establishing a major hub in the innovation district of Circle Square. The office space spans 69,000 square feet, catering to digital tech and engineering sectors with cutting-edge technology laboratories, sound chambers, and client welcome spaces. Key features include a social hub and sky terrace, promoting a culture of “better together.” The design integrates local elements, reflecting the dynamic neighborhood and fostering a workplace that supports Roku’s operational and cultural ethos. The success of the space has led Roku to expand further, continuing its relationship with HLW to enhance and grow their facilities.

Ample front and back office functions with extensive amenities enhance employee and client experiences.

Local cultural design elements reflect Manchester's rich industrial heritage and vibrant community.

Wall mural in office corridor featuring a stylized cityscape at dusk with dynamic lighting, blending real architectural elements with graphic illustration. A silhouetted figure walks by, adding life to the scene.
Modern office lounge with modular gray seating arrangements, vibrant purple partitions, industrial ceiling with exposed ductwork, and cityscape mural providing a dynamic backdrop. Natural light streams in through floor-to-ceiling windows, and employees engage casually around a central coffee table.
Modern office space featuring an avant-garde wall mural in electric purple, illustrating abstract geometric shapes. The design adds a vibrant, energetic touch to the professional setting, complemented by sleek glass doors and minimalistic furnishings.

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