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Spacious lobby with polished concrete floors, featuring an expansive wooden wall with built-in shelves displaying black linear elements. Central teal upholstered bench seating is flanked by mid-century modern chairs, anchored by a marble welcome desk, under a high vaulted ceiling with exposed beams.

Investment Firm

A Japanese fintech client’s space merges tradition with modernity.

Size 13,700 sf

Location New York, NY

Services Interior Design

Sectors Financial

Spacious modern office interior featuring glass partitions, a reflective concrete floor, and a warm wooden slat ceiling that contrasts the cool-tone walls, populated with ergonomic chairs and sleek workstations under natural daylight.

Using the Japanese abacus as design inspiration, we transformed this fintech firm’s offices into a workplace where Eastern architectural princicples and modern financial considerations harmoniously meet. We constructed an abacus in the reception lobby, and then used texture-rich textiles and warm, wood-paneled accents across the space to echo the motif. We designed the amenities packagage to prioritize comfort and function, including spaces like a library lounge for heads-down work and a bustling, light-filled café that encourages social interaction, complete with custom millwork and a countertop cold-brew tap.

Reinterpretation of the Japanese abacus

Large, conceptual sculpture in lobby

Cold-brew on tap

Modern office break room blending industrial and contemporary styles, featuring exposed ceilings, pendant lighting, and a marble kitchen island. Comfortable seating areas with wood tables and leather chairs provide a casual workspace. Employees engage in relaxed conversations.
Open-plan office space with floor-to-ceiling windows offering abundant natural light, minimalist furniture, and a warm wood slat ceiling. An elegant glass partition separates the meeting area adorned with a shelving unit showcasing decorative objects.
Reception area with minimalist design, featuring a marble-front desk, warm wooden ceiling beams, and tailored upholstered seating. Frosted glass partitions and pendant lighting add to the refined ambiance.