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The image depicts a mature man with greying hair and a friendly smile, wearing a dark suit jacket over a blue sweater and a collared shirt. He stands with his arms slightly crossed, radiating confidence and professionalism against a blurred office background.

Scott Herrick


Job Title: Partner, Managing Director - Spark

Expertise: Spark Studio


Scott Herrick, LC, MIES, AIA is a Partner at HLW and serves as the Managing Director for Spark Studio Lighting Design. With a career spanning more than three decades, Scott has been at the forefront of crafting innovative lighting solutions that add a dynamic layer to architectural designs. He champions a lighting approach that meticulously balances aesthetic impact with energy efficiency, ease of construction, and long-term sustainability. His expertise allows for the transformation of spaces into vibrant environments that not only captivate but also support and guide the end-user.


All Work
A modern office lobby featuring a recessed ceiling with wooden slats, marble stairs with glass railings, and seating areas with cityscape views.

Venable LLP

New York, NY

Modern lobby with a concentric patterned marble floor leading to tan sofas accented with blue and gray pillows. Curved wooden slat ceiling with central lighting feature, flanked by tall potted plants and contemporary floor lamps, conveys a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Divco West 331 Maple

Beverly Hills, CA

Modern office lobby with a minimalist reception desk, flanked by two white chairs. Vibrant magenta glass panels create a dynamic backdrop, while sleek, geometric light fixtures add a contemporary touch overhead. The design fosters an airy and welcoming atmosphere.


Santa Monica, CA

Modern kitchen area in a commercial space featuring sleek, dark wood cabinetry and LED circular lighting fixtures overhead. Patterned gray and white flooring harmonizes with the cool blue accents, while stainless steel appliances offer a contemporary touch. The open design invites interaction in an adjacent communal area.

Schrödinger New York

New York, NY

A modern curved glass building on the river in Jersey City, set against the iconic New York City skyline in the background. The partly cloudy sky adds to the serene atmosphere, and wooden posts protrude from calm waters in the foreground.

The Ellipse

Jersey City, NJ

Modern office break room featuring eclectic design with exposed ceiling, patterned area rug, and mixed seating options including communal tables and booth-style benches. A staircase with metal railings ascends in the background, complemented by warm lighting and a decorative ceiling panel.

Brown Brothers Harriman

Jersey City, NJ

Modern and minimalist reception area featuring a sleek white desk against a textured wooden slat backdrop. Overhead linear lighting accents the warm tones, and recessed floor lighting adds a dramatic effect near the entrance marked "Union Bank Plaza".

Union Bank Plaza

Los Angeles, CA

New Jersey skyline with central focus on Urby building

Urby at Harborside

Jersey City, NJ

Modern interior with dynamic lighting features leading into a spacious room with glass partitions, showcasing a contrast between sharp geometric lines and a corporate logo illuminated on a textured wall.

Pac-12 Networks

San Francisco, CA

Modern multi-story building rendering with a reflective glass facade, featuring clean lines and cubic forms. Surrounded by green landscaping, the structure's transparency contrasts the adjacent traditional brick building, showcasing a blend of contemporary and historic urban architecture.


Long Island City, NY