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The image shows an elder man with white hair, wearing glasses, a navy blazer, and a light blue patterned shirt. He appears relaxed and confident, standing with one hand slightly clasping the other in front of him, against a blurred background of lush greenery.

Michael Tegnell


Job Title: Director of Landscape Architecture + Planning


As Director of the Planning & Urban Design Studio, Michael is experienced with a broad range of design projects, including government, corporate, research and development, and academic clients.  He is recognized for design and management of large-scale complex projects and is skilled at guiding consultants in reaching consensus solutions to complex site design issues.


All Work
A modern curved glass building on the river in Jersey City, set against the iconic New York City skyline in the background. The partly cloudy sky adds to the serene atmosphere, and wooden posts protrude from calm waters in the foreground.

The Ellipse

Jersey City, NJ

Modern balconies overlooking an urban skyline. The glass balustrades provides an unobstructed view, enhancing the seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

The Beach

Jersey City, NJ

Modern and minimalist reception area featuring a sleek white desk against a textured wooden slat backdrop. Overhead linear lighting accents the warm tones, and recessed floor lighting adds a dramatic effect near the entrance marked "Union Bank Plaza".

Union Bank Plaza

Los Angeles, CA

Twilight view of a modern building's exterior walkway lined with lush vertical gardens and ornamental grasses, emphasizing sustainable design and urban greenery integration.

The Bluffs

Playa Vista, CA