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The photograph features a woman with medium-length hair and glasses, smiling in a black ensemble that includes a v-neck top and a blazer. Her hands rest lightly on her hips as she stands in an office space, with light streaming in from the background, illuminating her with a soft glow.

Lisa Knip


Job Title: Principal

Expertise: Financial


Lisa Knip, AIA, LEED AP is a Principal and Senior Project Architect at HLW. During her 20-year tenure with HLW, Lisa has worked with myriad clients in the financial, technology, legal, and creative industries. As Senior Project Architect, she led groundbreaking Google projects, overseeing strategic master planning for three million square feet of Google workspace in New York City. Outside of HLW, Lisa actively contributes to philanthropic causes like the Diabetic Research Institute. She also recently received a program certification from WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.’s Leadership Development Program, which focuses on the mentorship, education, and advancement of women in leadership positions across industries.