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The photograph features an older man with silver hair and a friendly demeanor, wearing a blue and white checked shirt. He is posed against a soft-focused background that has architectural elements, indicating a professional environment.

Jacob Majnemer

Job Title: Studio Delivery Director - New York


Jacob is a Senior Job Captain with strong leadership and coordination skills. With a 30-year career working in residential high-rise and full-scope project oversight, including construction administration, Jacob focuses on helping clients realize their vision.


All Work
Modern urban landscape showcasing a mix of high-rise residential buildings with varied architectural styles, including glass facades and terracotta-colored brickwork, under a dynamic sky with scattered clouds.

10 Provost

Jersey City, NJ

New Jersey skyline with central focus on Urby building

Urby at Harborside

Jersey City, NJ

A modern curved glass building on the river in Jersey City, set against the iconic New York City skyline in the background. The partly cloudy sky adds to the serene atmosphere, and wooden posts protrude from calm waters in the foreground.

The Ellipse

Jersey City, NJ

Sunset bathes a modern skyscraper and surrounding cityscape, highlighting the contrast between the glass facade and the urban environment, with a view of a distant iconic tower.

70 & 90 Columbus

Jersey City, NJ

Modern urban landscape showcasing a mix of architectural styles with a prominent glass facade skyscraper, reflecting the cityscape under a clear blue sky.

225 & 235 Grand

Jersey City, NJ