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The image depicts a person dressed in casual attire, standing indoors.

Gavin Hughes

Job Title: Design Director - London


Gavin Hughes’ experience and creative global perspective elevates the design team’s ability to approach projects from multiple angles and reinforce the progressive thinking culture at HLW. Gavin ensures the team are creatively inspired and that every client and project is approached with no aesthetic pre-conceptions, to encourage a fresh innovative approach to all projects. His interdisciplinary experience brings a knowledge and understanding to the fuller process of design and nurtures creating design solutions from a variety of perspectives.


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Tel Aviv, Israel

Modern kitchen and dining space with integrated lighting, featuring a marble island, dark upholstered chairs, and pendant fixtures. A man observes the sleek cabinetry, while two individuals collaborate at the dining table.

Hilton European HQ

Watford, UK

Contemporary office lounge with wooden slatted ceiling curving downward, incorporating ambient lighting. Dark marble floor hosts a cluster of elegant rattan chairs on a circular navy rug. A living green wall and illuminated brand motto enhance communal aesthetic. People converse and work on laptops, suggesting dynamic use.

Pernod Ricard

London, UK

Modern office lobby with a curved wooden reception desk. Marble flooring transitions to a wooden passageway framed by elegant vertical wooden slats. Ambient lighting accentuates the smooth, natural materials and open, welcoming space.

Ninety One London

London, UK

Modern office break room featuring a dynamic balance of soft seating and high-top bar stools, with contrasting textures including a sleek wood finish kitchenette, blue patterned accent wall, and exposed linear ceiling elements, all illuminated by natural light from expansive windows.


Windsor, UK

Modern office lobby featuring curved wooden slats, a cascade of spherical pendant lights, vibrant abstract artwork, and plush seating on geometric rugs over herringbone parquet flooring.

Dechert LLP London

London, UK

Modern office lobby with natural light, featuring a bold, red spiral staircase as centerpiece. Wood slatted ceiling contrasts with sleek flooring. Curved reception counters and eclectic seating including tufted sofas and vibrant armchairs complete the dynamic space.



Modern office interior featuring a sculptural wooden staircase with layered steps, surrounded by casual seating areas, potted plants, and sleek, contemporary furniture. Natural light enhances the warm wood tones and open-concept layout, promoting a collaborative and inviting atmosphere.

Julius Baer

London, UK

Modern office reception area with a warm-toned wooden accent wall featuring a company logo, flanked by sleek, minimalist workstations and punctuated by a large, oval pendant light. Staff engage with visitors against the backdrop of a contemporary digital display.


London, UK

Modern health foundation office lobby with sleek, horizontal lines emphasizing the linear design. Wooden slats adorn the ceiling, while the reception desk's minimalist gray tone contrasts with the warm lighting. Staff interacts professionally, providing a welcoming atmosphere amidst a backdrop of transparent meeting rooms.

The Health Foundation

London, U.K.