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The photograph features a man with salt-and-pepper hair and a beard, giving a slight, confident smile, wearing a dark collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He stands with his arms crossed in front of him against a light and airy office backdrop with out-of-focus lights, suggesting a professional environment.

Clive Pereira

Job Title: Associate Principal, Senior Project Manager


Clive, an Associate Principal and Senior Project Leader at HLW, has distinguished himself over his 12-year tenure through his exceptional leadership on high-profile, complex projects. His comprehensive experience covers end user, landlord, and developer buildings, as well as large-scale commercial initiatives. Known for his efficiency and effectiveness in project delivery, Clive excels in coordination and communication, keeping teams organized and on schedule. His deep knowledge and enthusiasm for mentoring emerging talent within the firm underscore his dedication. As an expert problem solver, Clive ensures smooth project execution and consistently achieves client satisfaction.


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Modern office reception area with a warm-toned wooden accent wall featuring a company logo, flanked by sleek, minimalist workstations and punctuated by a large, oval pendant light. Staff engage with visitors against the backdrop of a contemporary digital display.


London, UK

Modern office break room featuring a dynamic balance of soft seating and high-top bar stools, with contrasting textures including a sleek wood finish kitchenette, blue patterned accent wall, and exposed linear ceiling elements, all illuminated by natural light from expansive windows.


Windsor, UK

Modern office space with deep blue privacy curtains dividing workstations, featuring individuals focused on portable devices. The design balances open layouts with seclusion, coupled with minimalist high stools and task lighting to create an airy yet functional workspace.

Royal Mail Group

London, UK

Modern office breakout area featuring house-shaped alcoves with vibrant blue accents, acoustical wall treatments, and integrated seating for casual meetings.

Alzheimer's Society

London, UK

Modern office lobby with a minimalist design featuring sleek, curved lighting overhead, contrasting textures with stone accent walls, wood panel flooring, and a central reception desk with clean lines. A spiral staircase adds a focal point, enhancing the space's vertical dynamics.

One & Two Docklands

Dublin, Ireland