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HLW Halloween 2017

Tags Culture, Event

Last week saw HLW London hold its ‘legendary’ and hotly anticipated annual Halloween party in Shoreditch.

With the under the sea theme of ‘Into the Deep’ the team were sporting various creepy costumes, from ‘freaky fish’ to ‘murderous mer-people’.  The evening went swimmingly with over 200 attendees, including our clients, partner consultants, and suppliers from across the industry.

Two individuals in mermaid-inspired costumes with one sporting large, iridescent wings, at a lively costume event.

Three costumed attendees in vibrant, mythical creature outfits enjoying a themed event with blue lighting.

Three individuals in sea-themed costumes with elaborate headpieces, enjoying a costume event.

Animated scene with individuals in unique costumes, one wielding a faux antler trophy, in a lively celebration.

Eclectic mix of party-goers in various horror-themed costumes dancing under a purple light.

The guests’ fancy dress this year was at its highest standard yet with the majority in costume and many almost unrecognizable in their full attire!  There were some keen contestants who were eager to knock the Overbury team off the mantle and beat their two year run of winning first place, and despite their excellent efforts of dressing as Dickens characters they were pipped to the post and made second place.  This year’s winner was David Brown from JLL whose surprising costume meant he took home the iconic trophy!

Costumed individual proudly leading a dragon-like ensemble along an urban street.

Costumed participants of an event portraying mythical creatures, bonded together as part of an elaborate costume.

Trio dressed as beer bottles with the Midland Metropolis London logo, enjoying a jovial moment at a social event.

A group in whimsical attire with oversized balloon sculptures, creating a lively atmosphere at the event.

The HLW London team