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5 Crucial Ways Designers are Making the Next Generation of Finance Workplaces

Author HLW Staff

Tags Insight

Modern office lobby with a sleek staircase featuring geometric railings, surrounded by lush greenery. The space evokes a dynamic work environment with its contrasting dark ceiling and soft blue upholstered seating area near the reception desk.

A recent finance sector report from Ark Research Lab reveals that top financial services firms are taking a human centric approach to design, one that energizes and empowers employees to drive innovation.

As the world adjusts to the transformative, possibly permanent shift to remote and hybrid work models, companies across industries have been reassessing whether their workplaces fit the new paradigm. Ark’s research shows that companies that create vibrant, productive spaces, with an authentic approach to wellness, are winning the war for talent, improving efficiencies, and are better equipped to adapt their space to changing market demands.

Ark Research Lab’s report, Finance Transformed: Unveiling the Next-Gen Workplace, serves as a valuable guide for clients who want to evolve their workplace to meet these demands. Bolstered with data gathered by Ark and case studies from HLW, the report highlights five specific space and strategy considerations that can transform an office into a purposeful, thoughtful, comfortable, and beautiful place to work.

Click here to read Ark’s full report.