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Fordham University

In Manhattan and The Bronx, HLW turns Fordham University’s facilities into outstanding structures that enhance student life and educational excellence while preserving the university’s rich architectural heritage.

Modern interior juxtaposing historical stone walls with glass partitions, sleek black metal frames, and a sunlit atrium. Elegantly crafted stairs and tiered seating areas facilitate flow and interaction, complemented by geometric floor patterns that enhance the space's contemporary yet timeless ambiance.

With three buildings on Fordham University’s Manhattan and Bronx campuses, along with its private preparatory high school, HLW has built a relationship with the school that has enriched the student experience.

At the Bronx campus, the McShane Campus Center expansion connects key buildings through a modern all-glass arcade, creating a new hub for student activity. This center includes fitness facilities, lounges, and event spaces, blending contemporary design with the campus’s Collegiate Gothic style.

The renovation of Lowenstein Hall at the Lincoln Center Campus includes upgrading labs with state-of-the-art technology and creating collaborative spaces to foster interaction among students and faculty.

Hughes Hall’s transformation into a modern business education facility preserves its 19th-century charm while incorporating transparent materials and new technologies, aligning the building’s historic character with contemporary business education needs.

Additionally, the renovation of Fordham Prep’s gym introduces a new mezzanine level, expanding athletic facilities and integrating flexible design elements to support various athletic and fitness activities.

At McShane Campus Center and Hughes Hall, blending contemporary design elements with preserved structures enhances the historic campus aesthetic.

Lowenstein Hall’s renovated labs and collaborative spaces modernize the educational experience, promoting interdisciplinary interaction.

Fordham Prep’s gym transformation not only doubles the available training space but also incorporates flexible design to accommodate a range of sports, reflecting high-end fitness club standards.

Modern glass-walled building with vertical and horizontal metal accents, featuring a rhythmic facade and an overhanging section for dynamic architectural interest, under a cloudy sky with pedestrians walking by.
Open-plan office space featuring modular gray seating, slatted wood partitions, and a high exposed ceiling. Natural light filters through large windows, highlighting the warm tones of the wooden accents and the neutral color palette. People are working and interacting in a contemporary collaborative environment.
Spacious atrium embraced by natural light, featuring high ceilings, elongated windows, and a neutral color palette. Furnished with modular seating and round side tables, the space encourages casual gatherings amidst gallery-like walls adorned with framed exhibits.
Spacious room with floor-to-ceiling windows offering expansive views of greenery. The interior boasts vertical wooden slats against one wall, a deep-set window seat, and warm-toned, plank flooring, exuding contemporary elegance. Occupants move through the space, accentuating the room's human scale and usability.
Fordham University McShane Campus Center
Modern interior featuring a double-height atrium with a checkered floor pattern. Glass partitions provide transparency, complementing the clean lines of the steel staircases. Stone walls add texture, enhancing the space's blend of industrial and natural design elements.
Modern interior showcasing a floating wooden staircase with glass balustrades, enhancing natural light flow from floor-to-ceiling windows, complemented by minimalist design lines and a neutral color palette.
Modern office lounge with warm wooden slat ceiling and wall accents, contrasting with a textured stone wall. Contemporary furnishings include modular seating and stylish chairs, with pendant lighting illuminating the space, complemented by an integrated flat-screen display.
Fordham University Gabelli School of Business
Exterior of a renovated historical building, showcasing a well-preserved stone facade, symmetrically aligned arched windows, and a modern glass rooftop addition that contrasts with the traditional architecture below. A sculptural art piece adorns the manicured front lawn.
Contemporary office interior featuring a cluster of four desk stations with teal chairs, set against a wood floor, flanked by dual flat-screen monitors and underlined by sleek, recessed lighting in a drop ceiling design. A logo-emblazoned wall serves as the backdrop.