John Mack
Senior Partner

Senior Partner, AIA, FIIDA

“HLW has morphed and changed and grown through the years. Opportunities to learn are inherently involved in that kind of transformation. Perhaps the biggest difference between HLW and other firms is the opportunity for individual growth. The company has an entrepreneurial spirit. Working with our Strategy & Discovery group has helped me get into this mindset; working here is an education in asking questions. Specifically, to ask “why.” Architects want to draw and to solve problems. Initially, it’s important to make sure you are formulating the right questions to be answered. This requires sitting back for a bit, versus immediately jumping in with solutions. It’s important to work at getting closer to the heart of what are a client’s objectives. Asking questions like, “What is the issue? What are we trying to solve?” Or, better, “What are the series of problems to be solved?” Questioning is part of the entrepreneurial mindset, because it leads to challenging the status quo.”