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Subway Shelton

A tale of two (tasty) cities.

Following the success of Subway’s new Miami office, HLW was asked to design a new space in Shelton, Connecticut. The Miami and Shelton offices represent the brand’s global dual-headquarters, enhancing employee experience and brand visibility.

The Shelton HQ spans 90,000 square feet over three floors, offering a modern workplace with open office layouts, huddle and conference rooms, and a multipurpose room for training. HLW ensured each floor featured open spaces for 360-degree views and included cutting-edge amenities like a functional lab, technology labs, and a small film studio.

Biophilic design underpins the entire design concept. Healthy materials, natural daylight, and a moss wall in the lobby are a few examples of how HLW designers made the space less taxing on the environment and more pleasant for Subway’s people.

The design maintains a cohesive aesthetic with the Miami office, using wayfinding and branded signage developed by HLW’s brandx studio. Both headquarters feature words, phrases, and food-themed pictograms in vibrant, on-brand colors to keep the two locations aesthetically connected despite their distance.

Eco-friendly materials, ample natural lighting, and a distinctive moss wall enhance the workplace’s health and sustainability.

Multifunctional spaces, such as a test kitchen, technology labs, and a film studio, boost innovation and collaboration among employees.

Visual connections to the Miami office are maintained through vibrant, on-brand colors and thematic decorations like food-themed pictograms, reinforcing Subway's brand identity.

Subway Shelton