Corporate Point

Our goals were to work with our client and project team to transform a dated and aging office environment into a top-tier space that tenants will be excited to come to work in. This was accomplished by providing modern but timeless design elements, an abundance of amenity spaces, vibrant pops of color and art through […]

Nokia Bell Labs

Nokia had a vision for its Mountain Avenue campus, previous site of the Bell Labs “Idea Factory,” (also originally designed by HLW) involving the repurpose of underutilized office and laboratory space. The resultant master plan celebrates the history of the company and site, unifies the campus, and provides amenities for the many individuals visiting, collaborating and […]


This R&D project consolidated Agensys four previous sites into one multi-building campus consisting of new and renovated buildings that house lab, office, and manufacturing functions and the re-purposed historic Butler building. The latter is an innovative way to create a thoroughfare and connection to the Bergamot Station Arts Center. A public sculpture garden lines the […]

Wellington College International Shanghai

Wellington College International is located in the heart of Pudong. Programs for early childhood through senior school (years 8-12) share the Wellington community of schools’ worldwide stellar reputation for education. The appearance and design of the campus and buildings deliberately evoke the classical style of Wellington College in the UK, therefore, building upon over 150 […]


HLW worked with the video gaming division of the Asia based consumer internet platform provider Garena. We designed separate office floors for the parent and local companies. Each floor reflects a distinctive brand identity, especially in the reception areas and entry points. At once, playful and stimulating, the new office still reads as a cohesive […]

235 Grand

The two rental towers were conceived and developed by Ironstate Development Co. and Kushner Real Estate Group as one residential complex and as key components in the neighborhood’s revitalization. Both buildings house a mix of studios and one and two-bedroom rental apartments, as well as significant commercial space, numerous amenities, and a public plaza.

Water Garden Office Park

The Santa Monica corporate park re-design involved reimagining how to reposition and use the 17-acre site’s many public spaces and amenities, including a large artificial lake situated in the interior portion of the campus. We considerably reduced the lake’s footprint, ultimately increasing the overall usable square footage and introducing new, more “authentic” amenities, while cutting […]

Tianjin Lujiazui Plaza

The Tianjin Lujiazui Plaza project includes the Lujiazui Square and Lujiazui Business Hotel, more than 500,000 square meters of mixed-use commercial development. The site is in the center of the Hongqiao international community, a major development in Tianjin city. HLW’s contributions involve the planning and design of this modern center for business and shopping complete […]

Shanghai Lingang International Convention Center

HLW’s design for the Shanghai Lingang International Convention Center Competition was inspired by nature. Our architects and interior designers took their visual cues from the local terrain, including the dynamic relationship between mountain formations and large bodies of water. In addition to the convention center, the complex features four and five star hotels, office, and […]

Lujiazui Pudong Qiantan Block #33

Qiantan Block #33 is located in southern Shanghai. Our client, Lujiazui Group, has been instrumental in the development of Shanghai’s Pudung Central Business District since the 1990s. The parcel is part of a master planning strategy focused on the successful integration of commercial, residential, cultural, and recreational uses. HLW’s architectural and interior design includes skyscraper […]

Lanzhou Anning Complex

HLW worked closely with a local developer to create a cohesive design strategy for a large site with office, retail, residential, and hotel uses. We organized the site into three distinct zones. The zone dedicated to commercial/hospitality functions is active, vibrant. In contrast, we achieved a more intimate, private experience in other areas with small-scale […]

United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) at Court Square Place

The new UNFCU headquarters provides enough flexibility to accommodate future spatial changes without resulting in exorbitant renovation costs. HLW’s solution involved a steel structure with a creative massing arrangement. The resulting large footprint delivered significant flexibility, which was further enhanced by the expansive 30-foot spacing between vertical members.

United Nations Capital Master Plan (CMP) Renovation

The execution of the United Nations CMP brought a series of mid-century Modern structures into compliance with today’s 21st century requirements. The design standards that we developed served as a framework for understanding the inherent opportunities in restoring the campus, whether within the context of the site, perimeter security, local codes, preservation, workplace, or operations.

Witzenmann Group

HLW’s design for the new Witzenmann headquarters in Shanghai was inspired by the company’s impressive technology leadership as the founder of the metal hose and expansion joints industry. Immediately upon entering the building, a visitor experiences the strength and industrial nature of Witzenmann’s products. Similar to the earth’s strata, we layered materials to create a […]

Shanghai Huiyang Plaza

HLW designed the triangular tower, a dynamic configuration that maximizes views to the east and to the west. The tower contains offices, but we located in the podium commercial uses with retail and parking below grade. The cladding emphasizes the verticality of the tower. In contrast, the podium, which is integrated into the street, is […]

Porsche Shanghai, Lujiazui Software Park

HLW designed several new office buildings in the Lujiazui Software Park. Building #11 is composed of clean, modern lines and a streamlined palette. The headquarters of Porsche Shanghai occupies the multi-story structure. We specified glass and aluminum on the exterior, materials that call to mind the sleek, contemporary aesthetic of the luxury brands housed within.

JPMorgan Chase

A close partnership that continues to this day characterizes HLW’s decade long relationship with JPMC. We have had the privilege of working with this client in a variety of contexts, from strategic planning to design, and at a number of building sites, including 270 Park Avenue and One Chase Manhattan Plaza.

Avon Products, Inc.

The new three-story research facility consolidates Avon’s offices and laboratories for personal care products. The building’s glass and steel structure is indicative of the high-tech nature of the product development process that takes place inside, now supported by a series of “break-out” areas to foster informal brainstorming and collaboration among staff.

55 Water Street

The largest office building in NYC by floor area was significantly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Eight feet above the lobby level to three sub cellars and six levels of parking were flooded with water and sewage. HLW and a team of engineers provided infrastructure upgrades to mitigate future storm damage and assisted building management with […]

HBO Communications Center

The new HBO Communications Center achieved HBO’s technical objectives of meeting current expanding needs and flexibility for future growth while delivering on operational requirements for resiliency, redundancy, and power. In addition, the client’s aesthetic desires were well served by the design, which complements the original structure and preserves the HBO campus’s attractive, green setting.

Hofstra North Shore, LIJ School of Medicine

The Hofstra School of Medicine is the first allopathic medical school in New York State in 40 years and the first institution of its kind to have been created in partnership with a healthcare provider. HLW’s design strategy supported this new model for medical education with spaces that facilitate collaboration, community building, and socialization.

Pratt Undergraduate School of Art

For Pratt’s art and design programs, the move from the North Hall to the new Design Center brought all of the Institute’s disciplines together under one roof—industrial design, interior design, undergraduate communications design, and fashion design. The integrated program increased collaborative interaction and facilitated ease of administration.