URBY at Harborside

Harborside Plaza is a highly innovative take on luxury rental living. The multi-phase project will ultimately yield a total of three luxury rental towers, each embodying the distinctive shifting floor massing. Their memorable profile is an expression of a new and innovative housing brand. Individual units are efficient in size, but spacious in feel, ideal […]

300 East 79th Street

On New York City’s Upper East Side, much of the residential architecture is defined by a classic composition consisting of a base, middle, and top. Brick with traditional windows and detailing are the norm. HLW created an innovative cladding solution for the condominium on East 79th Street, a graphic manipulation within the curtain wall, which […]

Water Garden Office Park

The Santa Monica corporate park re-design involved reimagining how to reposition and use the 17-acre site’s many public spaces and amenities, including a large artificial lake situated in the interior portion of the campus. We considerably reduced the lake’s footprint, ultimately increasing the overall usable square footage and introducing new, more “authentic” amenities, while cutting […]

Tianjin Lujiazui Plaza

The Tianjin Lujiazui Plaza project includes the Lujiazui Square and Lujiazui Business Hotel, more than 500,000 square meters of mixed-use commercial development. The site is in the center of the Hongqiao international community, a major development in Tianjin city. HLW’s contributions involve the planning and design of this modern center for business and shopping complete […]

Shanghai Lingang International Convention Center

HLW’s design for the Shanghai Lingang International Convention Center Competition was inspired by nature. Our architects and interior designers took their visual cues from the local terrain, including the dynamic relationship between mountain formations and large bodies of water. In addition to the convention center, the complex features four and five star hotels, office, and […]

The Reserve

Designed to attract creative office and entertainment-related tenants, the commercial complex embraces the industrial character of the existing buildings. HLW created large, open interior spaces with exposed structural elements, skylights, and openings in the existing shell. We included a pedestrian mall that extends across the site. The result is an inviting promenade, which brings together […]

Lujiazui Pudong Qiantan Block #33

Qiantan Block #33 is located in southern Shanghai. Our client, Lujiazui Group, has been instrumental in the development of Shanghai’s Pudung Central Business District since the 1990s. The parcel is part of a master planning strategy focused on the successful integration of commercial, residential, cultural, and recreational uses. HLW’s architectural and interior design includes skyscraper […]

Lanzhou Anning Complex

HLW worked closely with a local developer to create a cohesive design strategy for a large site with office, retail, residential, and hotel uses. We organized the site into three distinct zones. The zone dedicated to commercial/hospitality functions is active, vibrant. In contrast, we achieved a more intimate, private experience in other areas with small-scale […]