Corporate Point

Our goals were to work with our client and project team to transform a dated and aging office environment into a top-tier space that tenants will be excited to come to work in. This was accomplished by providing modern but timeless design elements, an abundance of amenity spaces, vibrant pops of color and art through […]


With a recent acquisition and expansion of the brand offerings, Marshal Properties contracted HLW to craft Artissimo Design’s new North American headquarters and showroom. This new headquarters houses both the administrative and sales team along with in-house graphic designers and artists. With a neutral palette and integrated architectural displays throughout, the HLW design team developed […]


HLW’s design team created bold ceiling soffits in main reception and smaller scale ones throughout the rest of the suite to utilize the angles of the building to create a highly dynamic space that pulls the eye to the outdoor views and the corners of the building. HLW coordinated closely with the acoustic engineers & […]

Tech Client

HLW created a studio space that speaks to both our client’s staff and the company’s patrons. The customer spaces are clearly separated from the employee work areas, due to the confidential nature of the core business activity. However, visitors to the floor are treated to a highly interactive experience, as well as stunning views of […]

Casa del Mar

The Hotel Casa del Mar is a seven-story brick and cast stone Italianate palazzo built as a luxury resort hotel on the beach in Santa Monica, California. The renovation comprises an accurate historic restoration of the exterior and shell of the third-floor grand salon and restaurant spaces overlooking the beach, a complex structural seismic upgrade, […]


HLW’s design for the new NRG facility in San Francisco is leading the way in energy and sustainability standards. The space will serve as the new headquarters for NRG’s Home Division, which focuses on innovations such as solar panels for residences, and charging ports for electric cars. NRG is a leader in clean energy solutions, and in line with NRG […]

King 5 Broadcast Facility

The King 5 Broadcast Facility design reflects the latest and most innovative elements of studio development. The King 5 studio and corporate headquarters, the local NBC affiliate and a member of the Tegna, Inc. group of stations, has been constructed on the first 3 floors of the existing 7-story building.

The Chernin Group

This full floor tenant improvement project serves as the new home for multimedia company The Chernin Group. TCG would be part of a rebranding campaign of the six building I.o. at Playa Vista office complex. TCG’s new location puts it in the heart of Southern California’s technology hub, with most of the major icons of […]


This R&D project consolidated Agensys four previous sites into one multi-building campus consisting of new and renovated buildings that house lab, office, and manufacturing functions and the re-purposed historic Butler building. The latter is an innovative way to create a thoroughfare and connection to the Bergamot Station Arts Center. A public sculpture garden lines the […]

Pac-12 Networks

The diversified content and media company of the Pac-12 Conference was conceived and built from the ground-up as a new network. HLW has been with the network from the very beginning. In addition to studios and production spaces, we designed a new feature stair and offices. Our design pays homage to the twelve institutions that […]

Tech Client Campus

Our client’s new multi-building campus is nestled within an eclectic beach community. A “boardwalk” connects all three buildings with collaborative spaces interspersed along a winding path that terminates in a large “tech talk” screening room. In addition to workstations, we designed a wellness center complete with a gym, juice bar, and massage rooms.

Tech Client Production Space

HLW transformed a Vietnam War era aircraft hangar into one of Southern California’s largest professional-grade digital production facilities devoted exclusively to content distribution online. In addition to providing a physical place to congregate and capitalize on synergies, it offers the company’s “channel partners” the human and technology resources to be ambitious in developing and realizing […]

Hotel Bel Air

HLW served as Executive Architect for the two-year renovation and redesign of this iconic California boutique hotel. As Design Architect for the new hillside suites, we developed concepts consistent with the architectural vocabulary of the main hotel. The Villas feature plunge pools and indoor-outdoor living areas, in addition to spectacular views of the grounds.

Water Garden Office Park

The Santa Monica corporate park re-design involved reimagining how to reposition and use the 17-acre site’s many public spaces and amenities, including a large artificial lake situated in the interior portion of the campus. We considerably reduced the lake’s footprint, ultimately increasing the overall usable square footage and introducing new, more “authentic” amenities, while cutting […]

The Reserve

Designed to attract creative office and entertainment-related tenants, the commercial complex embraces the industrial character of the existing buildings. HLW created large, open interior spaces with exposed structural elements, skylights, and openings in the existing shell. We included a pedestrian mall that extends across the site. The result is an inviting promenade, which brings together […]

Campus 2100

Campus 2100 caters to a creative office clientele’s predilection for open, airy spaces and collaborative activities. The fully transformed, repositioned property has attributes unique to its former life as an industrial campus. Tenants of the three interconnected buildings have a truly diverse range of public/private options, from separate, defined lobby areas and private landscaped gardens […]

Glendale Municipal Services

The City of Glendale’s municipal building rests on four concrete columns and has full cantilevers on all sides, making it a particularly challenging structure to be retrofitted with base isolators. Rather than bury the stainless steel, friction pendulum isolators, HLW’s design exposes the structural elements in lighted wells above grade. The solution allowed for an […]

Red Bull

The extensive transformation of an industrial building into a North American headquarters involved the insertion of a major sculptural element. The “wave” is a continuous form, 40’ wide by 420’ long, which emerges at the entry courtyard and terminates at the other end of the building. In addition to organizing activity zones, it embodies Southern […]

Deckers Outdoor Corp.

Local assets set the tone for the design of the global footwear designer’s new headquarters, which includes a flagship store. Rather than use neutrals to knit the various branding themes, we incorporated local materials and Santa Barbara inspired organic elements as the unifier. We designed the office space with maximum flexibility with collaboration hubs strategically […]