United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) at Court Square Place

The new UNFCU headquarters provides enough flexibility to accommodate future spatial changes without resulting in exorbitant renovation costs. HLW’s solution involved a steel structure with a creative massing arrangement. The resulting large footprint delivered significant flexibility, which was further enhanced by the expansive 30-foot spacing between vertical members.

United Nations Capital Master Plan (CMP) Renovation

The execution of the United Nations CMP brought a series of mid-century Modern structures into compliance with today’s 21st century requirements. The design standards that we developed served as a framework for understanding the inherent opportunities in restoring the campus, whether within the context of the site, perimeter security, local codes, preservation, workplace, or operations.

Glendale Municipal Services

The City of Glendale’s municipal building rests on four concrete columns and has full cantilevers on all sides, making it a particularly challenging structure to be retrofitted with base isolators. Rather than bury the stainless steel, friction pendulum isolators, HLW’s design exposes the structural elements in lighted wells above grade. The solution allowed for an […]