HLW’s design team created bold ceiling soffits in main reception and smaller scale ones throughout the rest of the suite to utilize the angles of the building to create a highly dynamic space that pulls the eye to the outdoor views and the corners of the building.

HLW coordinated closely with the acoustic engineers & mechanical engineers to locate the studios & edit bays away from locations acoustically compromised by existing conditions & then properly detailed penetrations into these rooms to maximize acoustic privacy & quality. The design team created a pantry with a “bar” vibe, including barstools at a built in island that looks towards 3 large wall mounted tvs, a continuous banquette along the perimeter of the room to maximize seating capacity, and “dining nook” sectioned off with translucent red glass and an operable curtain to provide a space for more private lunch meetings.

The sealed concrete floor gives a sense of authenticity to the “bar” and was an economical solution since this is a first generation space, so the floor was fairly “clean” without any scars from previous coring/cuts.