Tech Client

HLW created a studio space that speaks to both our client’s staff and the company’s patrons. The customer spaces are clearly separated from the employee work areas, due to the confidential nature of the core business activity. However, visitors to the floor are treated to a highly interactive experience, as well as stunning views of Santa Monica’s “Silicon Beach.” HLW strategically positioned the demo experience area next to the lobby, resulting in an appealing platform to showcase groundbreaking products.

The new studio is inviting and possesses a rather informal, “Southern California beach lifestyle” persona, in keeping with our client’s aversion to traditional entertainment offices. As a pioneer of cutting-edge entertainment, our client requires a working environment that is anything but conventional. The new space achieves this through the creative play between subdued modern tones and unexpected pops of color and through innovative uses of materials, finishes and technology. For example, light beams are integrated into a wood boardwalk, adjacent to sleek lacquered white surfaces.