Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”), a global management consulting firm, is the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. BCG enlisted HLW to design a new 31,000 sf office for the New Jersey group based in Summit. The project consists of 4 intimate and unique work floors that are connected by a custom designed sculptural stair incorporating numerous seating enclaves that inspire serendipitous meetings, and offer a healthy and active environment. This stair is the organizing element weaving through the facility, creating an exciting meandering path through the interplay of light and texture as well as establishing various site lines created by the built-in topographic seating areas and iconic pavilions. Every turn reveals a new experience and collage of innovative and refined materials of metal and wood juxtaposed against the industrial quality of the concrete floors and exposed ceiling.

Maximizing natural light was an important design goal. A new skylight was incorporated over the central and monumental stair allowing natural light to filter through the atrium. The top communal dining/entertaining floor has a flexible wall allowing the exterior terrace space and interior entertaining space to blend into one. Colored and textured glass punctuate the office in each floor, acting like a kaleidoscope as the natural light filters through them. Sit Stand desks are clustered in quiet heads down areas directly adjacent to the floor to ceiling windows.