Keith Hanadel
Principal, Director of Broadcast Design

Principal, Broadcast Design Director

“I wish I could say I’m an endlessly patient, smart, and accommodating designer and that all these elements come to the table at the same time. The truth is much of what I have to offer stems from survival. I have been involved for a very long time with broadcast design as it relates to construction, real estate, design, and TV production. This depth of experience allows me to, at times, see around the corner for clients. It’s hard to surprise me these days. I can marshal that experience to a client’s advantage. I have also matured as an architect, from an accomplished, well-rounded designer and project manager focused on the details and the immediate schedule and budgetary goals to someone capable of simultaneously also taking the long view. To see the overall arch of a project is to perceive what is advantageous long-term for the client. This requires having a multi-level view of projects, as well as of the industry.”