Joseph Montalbano

Principal, Project Manager, AIA

“My story is one of perseverance and integrity. Brooklyn born, first generation born in America…I’m the average-guy-succeeding-story, where the good guy wins, of course. For me, integrity is about accountability—being true to your word and delivering as promised. Being hands-on when working means having a pulse on what’s going on. In other words, having the right information and still being able to guide the client without necessarily having to be fully in the weeds. It means understanding and anticipating what’s next so that I can provide the client with useful and valuable guidance. So, why do clients return to HLW? Experience and process. But, I think, it’s also about the people. At the end of the day, if you enjoy working with the people with whom you are working—and the project is a success, which we do quite well—then, you are going to come back for more.”