Ed Shim
Principal, Managing Director NY

Principal, Director of Architectural Design

During my many years at HLW, I’ve contributed in various leadership capacities, providing direction as a senior designer and, later, as a director of design. Now, I’m helping to direct the practice. As I’ve grown professionally, my responsibilities have also grown, but not only from the standpoint of being more involved in the overall design. My responsibilities have increased also in terms of understanding the importance of mentorship as it relates to the design discipline. Each day, I must understand the practice as a whole—how to collectively get better and how to collectively strive towards excellence. Much of this work is about achieving a balance between internal and external requirements. I try to develop direct, transparent relationships with staff, understanding their needs and their performance as these factors relate to product delivery. At the same time, I’m also measuring this process against the requirements of the client. How well you manage this process of relationship building ultimately impacts the ability to internally build demand.