Debra Cole

Principal, Client Relations Director

“Why does HLW have so many repeat clients? We do great design. I hear over and over again from clients about how they were wowed by what we presented to them. It’s also significant that a principal stays involved with each project from beginning to end. This is key! And, I think, clients know that. In addition to the team members always being very accessible, there’s always a principal to oversee the entire process. A final component is the collaborative work culture. I experience this every day with client relations efforts and with business development activities. Partners, principals, and team members, all contribute. We work together to bring business in and to ensure that clients remain happy. Because I enjoy bringing people together—I’m a people person—I don’t get discouraged easily. I know that I’m part of a culture that is all about listening well and moving forward. We really have a great group of very creative, talented individuals. And, you know, I’m very proud to say I’m a part of that team.”